India’s First Electric Cab Service to launch in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, June 15: Lithium electric cabs have made a standard mark in the market and has helped Bengaluru over come its pollution crisis.

With more than 200  features like panic button, remaining charge and location, Lithium is known to be the transportation of the future. Lithium Technologies was founded by Sanjay Krishnan who started off with just 10 electric cabs. But, today Lithium has been running for over nine months and possess over 200 vehicles across the city of Bengaluru.

These electric taxis consists of  cloud-connected safety features in order to meet the  transportation requirements of the city.

As mentioned in Economic Times, ” “You will always know where the vehicle is, will always be able to look inside the vehicle; all of the things that were uncertainties will get im proved,” said Mahesh. About 10 technology companies in Bengaluru have already signed up for the service, Lithium said, declining to name its clients. “We had to close the sales cycle, as we wanted to get the execution right,” said Sanjay Krishnan, the 44year-old CEO of the company and a former employee of Honeywell”.

Lithium saves nearly 11 tonnes of carbon emissions every day according to several analysis. The Better India reports, ” Sanjay decided to start building the foundation for Lithium by liaising with corporate offices in Bangalore. Corporate transportation forms a huge chunk of commuter requirements in the city. One after the other, many companies started signing up with Lithium for providing transport for their employees. As of today, Lithium is serving only corporate clients. Sanjay says, “As the operations scale, Lithium will soon be available for the public and we are looking at covering more citie”.

These cabs are not only eco-friendly, but also makes sure it provides hassle free and efficient services and also have inbuilt GPS.