India’s PM Narendra Modi stands up for his nation’s interest: Chinese President Xi Jinping

India's PM Narendra Modi stands up for his nation's interest: Chinese President Xi Jinping

Washington, August 8: Chinese President Xi Jinping perceive Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a leader who stands up for his nation’s interest. Jinping fears when Modi joins with other countries who are to impose restrictions on China says media reports.

According to media reports, Bonnie S Glaser, a senior adviser for Asia and the Director of the China Power Project at CSIS (Centre for Strategic and International Studies) claims that China won’t benefit from a tensed relationship with India. Glaser says that Jinping went all the way to Delhi to meet Modi thinking that India won’t challenge China as that would be against the policy of India. But Jinping was dejected after the meeting with Modi.

Glaser keeping a close watch on the developments in Doka La, told that there would be differences between the two countries, but the fact that the two nations share a longer border must be considered. As she has served on the Defence Policy Board China Panel in 1997, she claims that India is a major challenge for China in the long run.

Glaser stated that India is the only country in the world to oppose China’s One Belt and One Road Initiative (Jinping’s ambitious project to develop cross border connectivity). In the Doka La issue, if India pulls back its troops, China will go ahead and build the road, which India and Bhutan will have no other option but to accept it keeping aside the nation’s interest, said Glaser. This would make China valiant to deal with the territorial disputes, added Glaser.

Winning over the Philippines with the election of Duterte, China and Philippines joints together for development. Beijing dares to deal with Vietnam and will stop the Vietnamese from drilling off of Vietnam’s coast, Glaser opined.

Glaser made it clear that India and China do not aspire for a military conflict. The Doka Lam standoff will be continuing in this weather. When the weather degenerates, both nations would be pulling their troops. After all, China won’t be able to build the road in this winter and it has to wait until the spring to come. The time period would rather provide the two nations to talk about and solve the issue. Another option can be Bhutan’s interference, not as a mediator through, but to take a bold decision that would make the two countries to pull back their troops, said Glacer.