India’s second oldest tiger,Palash , in critical condition after renal failure

MUMBAI,Oct4: A 13-year-old tiger at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivli has been diagnosed with kidney failure and is in a critical condition.
Officials at the national park said that the Royal Bengal Tiger named Palash has been unwell for almost a week.”He has not eaten for a couple of days. He has been drinking alot of water and passing a lot of urine,” said Dr Shailesh Pethe, veterinary surgeon at the national park. ” A blood test showed that his serum creatinine has shot up.”

 Serum creatinine is a pathological test which indicates functioning of the kidney .While the serum creatinine value should not normally exceed 2mg%, in Palash’s case the value has shot up to 31.

Dr Pethe said renal failure is normal among carnivores.”In Palash’s case, he is also quite old. So it not an unusual case at all,” said Dr Pethe.

The big cat had been brought to the national park from Madhya Pradesh a decade ago when he was about three years old. The average life expectancy of a tiger is about 15 years at the most “Palash is bad. Nothing much can be said at this stage.But all necessary precautions are being taken for his early recovery ,” said Dr Pethe.