Indore My Hospital authorities hide complaint registers and records of oxygen plant,shrug death of patients

Indore My Hospital authorities hide complaint registers and records of oxygen plant,shrug death of patients

INDORE,June23: MY Hospitalauthorities may be shrugging the deaths off their shoulders declaring them as ‘routine’, but the manner in which they blocked flow of information about the details and cause of deaths, hid complaint registers and records of oxygen plant, suggests that it was a big cover-up operation.

Soon after divisional commissioner Sanjay Dubey toured the labyrinthine corridors of MY hospital and told reporters that all was hunky dory, records of patients dying in the hospital seemed to vanish overnight. Officials remained tight-lipped on how the documents related to the dead patients; records of their admission and treatment were missing, while all other procedures were being duly followed.

Highly placed sources in the hospital confirmed that there was disruption in oxygen supply at around 3am. But with oxygen plant records missing and people manning the plant not to be found, information about the disruption was limited to a group of senior officials, who refused to comment.

MY Hospital has a huge oxygen plant on the ground floor where liquid oxygen is filled and is supplied to most portions of the hospital through pipes. Oxygen India Ltd supplies the oxygen. The company refused to comment on the developments at the hospital.

The oxygen plant is monitored by hospital staff round the clock. The readings are noted on a register, which went missing soon after the news of deaths spread.

“I can assure that no medical negligence has taken place. I am not at liberty to disclose details,” MY Hospital superintendent Dr VS Pal said. On any given day, around 60-70 patients are administered oxygen every day. “The supply was cut off for nearly 15 minutes. Those who could survive the duration, survived. The critical ones died,” said a senior official, seeking anonymity. A team of technicians also visited the oxygen plant early in the morning, but authorities refused to divulge details.

The hospital authorities had sprung into action early in the morning, arranging for the post-mortem examinations and handing over the bodies to the families of the deceased. “At a hospital where mortuary vans are made available only after hours of toil, the authorities were prompt in helping the families, indicating that they wanted them out of the hospital, before the news broke,” he said.

The patient record registers and complaint registers on 5th floor, neonatal ICU, paediatric ICU and ward number 27, were missing. These contained details of what happened overnight.

SDM Shalini Shrivastava told TOI that the hospital authorities refused to share details with her. “Hospital superintendent is not available over the phone. I have to send patwaris to check on things at the hospital,” she said.