International Biathlon Union to appoint experts on doping report

Salzburg (Austria), Dec 13 (IANS) The International Biathlon Union (IBU) has decided to appoint an expert working group to deal with the fresh doping allegations in the second part of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) McLaren report.

The working group will consist of members with experience in legal and antidoping work, reports Sputnik.

The latest iteration of the WADA doping scandal began with last Friday’s publication of the second part of the McLaren report on alleged Russian doping abuse, revealing manipulations by athletes in 30 sporting disciplines.

“The IBU received the McLaren report and other relevant documents from WADA on December 9. With this new information in hand the IBU Executive Board has decided to appoint an expert working group consisting of members with the necessary and relevant experience from both legal and anti-doping work,” the union said in a statement on Monday.

The group will be tasked with giving the IBU Executive Board an advice on the doping allegations in the light of WADA’s code.

In September, the IBU picked the Russian city of Tyumen to host the Biathlon World Championships 2021. WADA then asked the union to clarify its decision given the ongoing Russian doping scandal.