Intruder apprehended in Nagrota army camp

Jammu, Jan 17 (IANS) A man was shot and apprehended after he entered the Nagrota army camp in Jammu and Kashmir’s Jammu district, a defence spokesman said on Tuesday.

“An unidentified man was found moving suspiciously near the fence of the Nagrota Army Camp along the banks of River Tawi yesterday (Monday) night,” said defence spokesman, Lt Col Manish Mehta here.

“The alert sentry challenged the person as per the standard operating procedure. The person did not respond to the challenge, crossed the boundary fence and started running towards the camp.

“On not responding to the repeated challenges, the sentry opened fire thereby injuring the individual,” he said.

“Subsequently, a Quick Reaction Team team approached the individual, administered first aid and shifted him to the nearest military hospital. Police has been informed and FIR lodged,” said Mehta.

The spokesman noted that the “area where the individual was found lurking is far away from any road and habitation” and “investigation is being carried out to identify and ascertain the antecedents of the individual”.