Iran slams UN resolution on Syria, calls it ‘unilateral’

Tehran, Dec 10 (IANS) Iran’s representative to the UN criticised a recent resolution on Syria as “unilateral” and not dealing with “the reality on the ground”, media reports said on Saturday.

“The draft resolution on the Syrian Arab Republic, placed before us today was a one-sided document and divorced from the reality on the ground in Syria,” Xinhua news agency quoted Iran’s deputy ambassador to the UN Gholam Hossein Dehqanion as saying.

On Friday, the UN General Assembly approved the Canada-drafted resolution which demanded an end to the attacks on Syrian civilians, particularly those entrapped in the war-stricken city of Aleppo.

Dehqanion said that the draft is totally silent on the root cause of the crisis in Syria.

“It is an established fact that terrorism and violent extremism are the root causes of the disaster, and it is the very issue that should be first and foremost addressed by the international community,” he said.