Iranian President regrets homeless living in empty graves

Tehran, Dec 29 (IANS) Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reacted to the controversial images of the people sheltering from the cold winter in the empty graves in the suburbs of the capital Tehran as an “unacceptable” condition in the country.

“Who can accept that dozens of the countrymen who have suffered social ills take refuge to graves at night because of homelessness?” Rouhani was quoted as saying by Tehran Times Daily on Wednesday.

Local media on Tuesday said that 50 homeless people had been seen at nights sleeping in the empty graves near Shahriar town to the east of Tehran, Xinhua news agency reported.

Whatsoever the reason, this is unacceptable, Rouhani said, urging all parties and political groups in the country to join hands to address corruption as the cause root of social ills.

He said that it is unbearable both for the government and for the people, urging solidarity and stop of partisanship.

He also noted that the government and nation “both have responsibility to fight corruption”.

In his campaign speeches in 2013, Rouhani pledged to recover the economy, lower unemployment and stop recession, vowing a tougher stance on corruption.