Is India so desperate to conduct art festivals without the physical presence of Pakistani artists?

Goa, October 26: Pakistani artists are not new to India. They were here in India in various periods in the history of Indian art and culture and Indian festival.

Every Indian knows why these Pakistani artists are being opposed now, so suddenly. Cinemas were released before starring them. Even before a few weeks, cinemas were being shot, where they played major roles.

But the Uri attack which killed 19 great Indian men – our beloved soldiers, is still haunting us. Every Indian has experienced the pain of a great loss to our country. No Indian could ever forget the heart aching cries form the deceased soldiers’ families.

The mother country of terrorism as well as our neighbouring country, Pakistan is the one and only reason behind the unrest in India’s Jammu and Kashmir and the Uri attack. All of theses happening were well said, well written so well known.

The organisers of Goa Arts festival says;

“The Young Pakistani artistes may not be able to attend the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa due to the ongoing hostilities between India and its neighbour”, an organiser said. The Serendipity Arts Festival is a multi-disciplinary arts event which will happen from December 16-23 in Goa. The event will be curated by a panel of leading experts from across the arts.

“It’s been a very tough time and we still don’t have a real answer. What we have done is that when we conceived the young sub-continent project, we had four artistes from Pakistan as part of the project. Will they be able to physically come here, perhaps not,” festival director Preeta Singh told IANS on Tuesday.

When we read theses dialogues, many doubts could arise in the mind of a common Indian.

  1. What they would do if some terrorists had killed those Pakistani artists? Pakistan being our neighbouring country, anything unfavourable could happen any time, and they would say that Indians killed them. They don’t even show the guts to accept its responsibility.
  2. What would they do if India deport those artists? the Republic of India has the sole power to make decisions on the safety of the country as well as the safety of the people, as this issue of the Pakistani artistes became vulnerable when Indians started opposing them in one voice. Order, No 9/9/46-Political (E.W.) of 1948, Foreigners Order, 1948 —– Clause no 3: Power to grant or refuse permission to enter India. (4) (a)Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-paragraphs (1) to (3) or in the Indian Passport Act, 1920 (34 of 1920) or in the rules made thereunder, a civil authority may, in the interests of public safety, prohibit the entry of any foreigner into India.
  3. What they would do if they themselves decide to go back to Pakistan? Every adult has the right to take decision regarding their life. They have the sole power to decide where to go or where to stay or where to work, if the law of the land permits.

What is so sad about it?

“I am aware that the times are tough between the two countries. But these are sad realities which come into the arts,” Singh said. “They (Pakistani artistes) were very much a part of our thinking, our ecosystem, our ideas, but given the present circumstance, the jury is out,” she added. This year’s edition of the festival, she said, is a part of a long-term cultural project that hopes to affect positive changes in art in India on a large scale. Talking about the festival, Singh said: “It is a first of its kind in India to celebrate the diversity in art with special focus on music, dance, theatre, crafts, visual arts and culinary arts.”

These people seems to be very sad as their “show” may lack theses two or three Pakistanis. While breaking the dialogues, they don’t even consider the feeling of a wounded Indian, wounded in Uri attack, wonded by Kashmir unrest, wounded by the death of numerous brave hearts in Uri, Kargil as well as in the unprovoked day to day attacks.

According to the organisers of the Goa festival, the festival aims to promote art and culture unique to the various geographies in the sub-continent.

What type of art they know without feelings? Is their art heartless?

With inputs from News Agency.