Is ISIS capable enough to launch attacks in India other than lone wolf attacks?

New Delhi, November 2: Reports are coming, alerts packed inside, of probable ISIS attacks in India. Even yesterday, the US government has issued an advisory to its citizens in India, to be away from crowded places as there are chances of terrorist attack in India. There is no enough reasons for us to think that the advisory is not serious.

Yes, it is for sure that the world blasphemy group would be sharpening their weapons to hurt India. They even have Indians with them as their followers. Many unemployed youths are still being inclined to the so called trap ISIS. Certain reliable sources confirm that many youths wish to join the ISIS terrorist group, being attracted to the sex slavery they practice.

According to reports, a few Indians traveled to Syria to join the terror group but two have managed to return.

They believe that if they join ISIS they could enjoy with numerous women, who are in the custody of these terrorists as sex slaves. But after joining in the group they all get chances to taste its bitterness and some of them manages to escape or come back promising to work as lone wolfs here.

The stand of ISIS

Several times, the ISIS had stated its clear intentions on launching terrorists attack in India. But they do not have a base in India. ISIS have bases in Bagladesh and Pakistan, the two immediate neighbours of India.

Recently, the ISIS has come up with an appeal to Indian Muslims. In the appeal it says that, ISIS is planning to avenge the deaths of Muslims killed in the riots in Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state.

In India, a Huindu Majority country, there are more than 150 million Muslims. But only a few of them have joines terrorist groups. The effects of the ISIS is almost nil in our country, despite the fact that India is having world’s second largest Muslim population. This actually testifies the strength of India, a secular democratic country, giving freedom in true sense.

In a video monitored by the US intelligence group SITE, Isis mocked Muslims living in harmony with Hindus who worship cows, trees and sun, and urged them to travel to Isis-held territories in the “Caliphate”.

Power of Indian Army

The approximate strength of Indian armed forces counts to 1.35 million. The forces is well equiped with advanced weapons. Indian armed forces are far more advanced, expert trained and larger than the barbaric terrorist group.

When considered internationally, India has the fourth most powerful forces in the world just behind USA, Russia and China. Indian forces is considered to be stronger than the forces of UK, France and Germany.

ISIS has fighters are vaguely estimated to be around 200,000. The group cannot use all its force to attack India as it has to keep some backup to maintain their territories in other places including Syria.

For them Iraq is an easy path to India. But they could only dream of destroying Iraq, a Shia majority country.

ISIS do not have advanced military aircrafts. Thus ISIS is limited to a great extend as its only way to attack India would be only through waterways. Here comes the significance of Indian Navy.

The ISIS cannot possibly execute a major attack in India in the near future.

If ISIS attacks India with full force, that would be their final foolishness.

The only serious thing is that, they could carry out lone-wolf attacks like the 26/11 or the Charlie Hebdo shooting.