Is Karunanidhi looking for a sabotage in Tamil Nadu with the help of Sashikala?

Chennai, October 17: “DMK do not want to be seen as the party which took advantage of an ill leader to gain power. Any benefits to DMK from this has to be organic. If we are seen to be manufacturing a rebellion now, it could prove to be a huge embarrassment for us later,” a DMK member said.

This opinion is so similar to that of how Karunanidhi responded to MGR’s hospitalization in 1984. It happened when he released that a statement praising MGR would bring better impressions from the public.

DMK already had talks with certain AIADMK MLAs, reports

They were unofficially identified as those could be approached to break away from the government.

But any such move was denied by the DMK leaders. They further point out that that it’s unlikely to be their strategy even if the situation was worse, reports

The senior leadership in the DMK has adopted a wait-and-watch strategy.

While waiting, the party also wants to be seen playing a responsible opposition.

Sasikala Natarajan and DMK

How the DMK acts will also depend on how the AIADMK reacts in the coming days. And with things hanging in the balance within the AIADMK too.

Meanwhile, there are chances for unexpected happenings at the midst of the Jayalalthaa’s illness.

Common man could not believe that ailing Jayalalithaa without the power of Chief Minister would be so honoured like ever before.

If it is true that a few MLAs are ready to join DMK, things would turn upside down.

Sasikala Natarajan who was once expelled from Jayalalithaa’s Bunglow, Poes Garden, is capable of running a government by herself.

After being expelled by Jayalalithaa, Sasikala Natarajan has confessed that there was a parallel government run by her relatives and that she was unaware of it.

Earlier, TV channels have reported that Karunanidhi is trying to malign the image of Jayalalithaa by alleging lesbian relationship she supposedly has with her close aide Sasikala, according to He was also opposed of using the media for this purpose.

Even now Natarajan and M Karunanidhi shares a good relationship.

It was Karunanidhi who solemnised the wedding of Sasikala and Natarajan who was the then public relations officer of the Tamil Nadu government. This shows the acquaintance between Sasikala and M Karunanidhi.

Both Sasikala and Natarajan had enjoyed a close relationship with both Karunanidhi and M G Ramachandran.

Another positive gesture from the DMK, DMK Chief M Karunanidhi’s wife Rajathi Ammal has visited Apollo Hospital on Thursday night to inquire after Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s health. Ammal met Sasikala Natarajan, Jayalalithaa’s close aide.

The espionage in M Karunanidhi is still alive. Karunanidhi actually  wanted to make sure that Jayalalithaa is alive and how soon she could resume charges of the chief minister.

If the meeting of Sasikala was with Karunanidhi instead of Rajathi Ammal, it would have changed the Tamil Nadu politics unexpectedly.