Is Reliance Jio Free Service Extended Till June ?

Mumbai, Feb 20: Ever since its launch on September 5 last year, Reliance Jio has evolved into a pool of over 72 million subscribers in four months. The launch offer, which read cheap data services and free calls, will now be extended till 30 June 2017, prior to its previous announcement of March 31.

The 4G VoLTE carrier is going to stay free for next 5 months too. This news brought another exciting wave. There is still no confirmation though. Earlier Jio free service was extended from December 2016 to March 2017.

Now, things are getting better and better. We do not know what the motive of Jio Sim providers is. The continuous changes in the free service also looks fishy.

The rates after the free service ends are also phenomenal. There is no other telecom that gives such cheap data charges. After March, 2017 a nominal charge of INR 100 will be charged. If paid the sim will become free for next 3 months again.

“We have to start making revenue,” said one person familiar with the matter, according to The Economic Times.

The Jio Sim response broke records. It scored over 50 millions users in just three months. After 4 months, it is now boasting with 7.2 crore consistent users. No other telecom ever achieved such success.The economic experts are welcoming the new offer warmly.

With every move, Reliance Jio is becoming more lovable. People are now beginning to shift permanently to single sim of Jio. Though, there are still many improvements going on in the service. The network strength is increasing. Data speed is getting richer. We hope this will bring an inspiring revolution in our Telecom world.

The other telecom companies are reducing their package rates too. But, they are still struggling to get any near Jio. The Jio sim is ahead of the game with pride.

Recently, Reliance Industries invested Rs 30,000 crore to expand its network, taking the total capital invested in Jio to a whopping Rs. 2,01,000 crore.

Ever since the announcement, the major telcos have slashed their rates in response to the Jio’s offers. The Indian telecom industry and the ruling competitors like Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular, and Vodafone India are hypothetical and mostly endangered by the affordable services offered by the new entrants. This mass adoption of Jio has forced the other telcos to aggressively join the race.