IS seizes control of hospital in Syria

Damascus, Jan 17 (IANS) The Islamic State terrorist organisation has taken control of a hospital in the northeastern Syrian city of Deir al-Zour, following an offensive that was launched two days ago against military positions, .

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Monday, the extremists seized al-Assad hospital after carrying out a car-bomb explosion in its vicinity, Efe news reports.

Fighting between the two sides is intensifying in various parts of the city, as well as its military airport, the Britain-based NGO added.

It said that the terror group succeeded to advance in the vicinity of the Deir al-Zour airbase, the only port the government uses in and outside the city, as the IS group has besieged the government-controlled parts of Deir al-Zour since early 2015.

Islamic State launched missiles on Sunday night at the government-held neighbourhoods of al-Jourah and al-Qusour, without casualties.

Additionally, at least 14 IS fighters were killed on Sunday amid clashes, SOHR said, noting that there were casualties in the pro-government forces but did not specify their number.