Is this the women who rules Tamil Nadu in the absence of Jayalalithaa?

Chennai, October 4: When the Tamil Nadu Chief minister is admitted to Chennai Appolo hospital for treatment, a question arises from the public about the governance of the state.

In the absence of the Chief minister, some capable hand shall be in charge of the state, who could take responsibilities and govern the affairs of the state.

In the case of Tamil Nadu,  it is very difficult to point a person, who should be in charge of the state.

During the meetings at Delhi on the Cauvery issue, the AIADMK claimed that all the directions were briefed by Jayalalitha, on the points to be raised by the state. It was said that she had convened a meeting at the Apollo Hospital Chennai, with the government officials.

According to AIADMK there appears to be no crisis in the government and claims that Jayalalitha is still in charge of the the State. While on one hand the former CM alleges on the basis of media reports that it is a proxy government that is being run, on the other, the AIADMK says that Jayalalithaa is discharging her duties from hospital.

Things are not so clear to the public as well as to the opposition. Citing several media reports, Karunanidhi states that the state is actually run by Sheela Balakrishnan, Advisor to the Government. There are so many reasons to ascertain that Ms Sheela Balakrishnan is the acting Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Who is Sheela Balakrishnan

The 60-year-old Sheela Balakrishnan, is a native of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. She has been a confidante of Jayalalithaa for a long time. Sheela Balakrishnan, the 1976 batch Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer started her career as assistant collector (training) in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, in 1977. In 1983, she was appointed as the social welfare director. After that she served as the commissioner of industries and commerce fro almost nine years.

Sheela Balakrishnan was the commissioner of fisheries during the period between 1996 and 1998. After that she served as the secretary of the social welfare and nutritious meal programme department in 2000-2001.

She was appointed as transport secretary in 2001. In 2002 she joined the office of the chief minister. During this period Ms Sheela Balakrishnan had won Jayalalithaa’s confidence.

When Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) came into reign, they posted sheela Balakrishnan as commissioner of disciplinary proceedings, Salem, in 2006. After one year, she was posted back to Chennai, to head the Anna Institute of Management.

Sheela Balakrishnan returned to Jayalalithaa’s close circle when the AIADMK supremo took over as chief minister in 2011 and she was appointed as additional chief secretary.

Sheela Balakrishnan retired in March 2014, when she was the chief secretary. While in service, she was one of the most powerful bureaucrat in Tamil Nadu. Everywhere relation between the chief minister and the chief secretary was perfect.


After retirement Sheela Balakrishnan was appointed as adviser to the chief minister. It was from this position that her name came up as a potential Jayalalithaa nominee. However, political analysts said she lacked the political background to become chief minister.

According to NDTV, six bureaucrats have been running the Tamil Nadu government in Jayalalithaa’s absence. All the secretaries in charge of the 54 government departments have been reporting to Chief Secretary Sheela Balakrishnan.
So who rules Tamil Nadu now?