Is your Samsung Smart TV a CIA agent?

Samsung Smart TV
In it's latest revelations WikiLeaks, an international NGO founded by Julian Assange that publishes secret information, claims Samsung smart TVs are among the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) weapons for surveillance.
New York, March 08: In it’s latest revelations WikiLeaks, an international NGO founded by Julian Assange that publishes secret information,  claims Samsung smart TVs are among the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) weapons for surveillance.
WikiLeaks, founded in 2006, claims the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) worked with Britain’s intelligence officials to turn microphones in TVs into listening devices.
Samsung smart TVs have microphones so users can make voice commands, such as requests for movie recommendations etc.
The commands typically aren’t transmitted outside the nearby area unless users activate the feature. If the Television set is is off, there’s no listening being done.
But,  WikiLeaks in its leak claiming that documents it obtained show that through a program called Weeping Angel, the target Samsung TV appears to be off when it is actually on and listening.
WikiLeaks says the audio goes to a covert Central Intelligence Agency server rather than a party authorized by Samsung.
In such cases, audio isn’t limited to TV commands but could contain everyday conversations.
The details of information, code-named “Vault7,” included more than 8,700 documents and files.
In a press release announcing the documents, WikiLeaks said the Central Intelligence Agency “lost control” of its vast array of hacking and spying tools.
“The archive appears to have been moving around among former United States government hackers and contractors in an unofficial manner, one of whom has provided us the portions of the archive,” WikiLeaks saying.
In a notable move, WikiLeaks said it was skipping some secrets inside the documents. Among them, it said it had hold back details of tens of thousands of “CIA targets and attack machines throughout Latin America, Europe, and America.”
The authenticity of the documents released by Wikileaks has yet to be confirmed.
In a statement to CBS News, Central Intelligence Agency spokesman Jonathan Liu said, “We do not comment on the genuineness or content of purported intelligence documents.”
According to WikiLeaks, other tools in the Central Intelligence Agency’s arsenal target is PCs running Microsoft’s Windows system.
WikiLeaks saying that many of the attacks are in the form of viruses designed to spread through CDs and USB drives.
You can read here the full version of latest Wikileaks release:

Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed