ISIS link arrested from Alappuzha, Coimbatore: NIA seizes leaflets and DVDs proving terrorism

Raid by security forces reveals ISIS headquarter operating from a flour mill in Pakistan

Alappuzha/Kerala, August 4: Six suspects linked to the Islamic State terrorist organization have been taken into custody by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).  They were seized from Alappuzha and Coimbatore.

The NIA raided the house of a resident in Alleppey in connection with the incident. The investigation team had seized leaflets, mobile phones and DVDs in connection with the ISIS. There was also evidence that the person arrested from Alappuzha had maintained frequent contacts with Abdul Rasheed from Kasaragod, who joined ISIS from Kerala.

The NIA is questioning the Islamic State link arrested from Alappuzha. He is also believed to have been involved in the secret meeting of the Islamic state in Kannur’s Kanakamala. Earlier, the NIA has arrested certain suspected Islamic State terror links including Malayalis from Coimbatore and Panoor in Kannur.

The NIA had arrested these six persons after an investigation followed by the arrests from Panoor and Coimbatore. The NIA had filed a charge sheet last week against seven persons in connection with the conspiracy held in Kanakamalai in a secret meeting.

Those who had attended the secret meeting in Kanakamlai, where the conspiracy was done, had planned to fight against the country and to attack foreigners, says the charge sheet. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has questioned two people in Coimbatore for allegedly supporting the Islamic State on social media, the police said.

The two allegedly posted content on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, supporting the activities of the IS. The questioning was going on at the residence of one of the two people in Coimbatore on Thursday, police said, adding adequate police personnel were deployed in the area.