It is the turn of Gou Rakshaks: Violent mob attack 12 cow vigilantes in Maharashtra

Cow Slaughter
It is the turn of Gou Rakshaks: Violent mob attack 12 cow vigilantes in Maharashtra.

Ahmednagar/Maharashtra, August 7: A group of 50 people armed with butcher knives and rods, struck 12 members of a cow vigilante group at Shrigonda city in Ahmednagar. The attack was after the police prevented a tempo from illegally trafficking cows to the slaughterhouse on Sunday and arrested its owners Wahid Sheikh and Raju Fannubhai Sheikh, says media reports.

Following the registration of a case against the tempo owners under the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act, a 12 member team of cow vigilantes led by Shivshankar Rajendra Swami of Pune arrived at the police station. They told the police that they need to take stringent action against all those who ill treat or illegally transport cows. Swami and others of the group claimed that they belonged to Akhil Bharatiya Krushi Gau Seva Sangh, said Bajirao Pawar, Inspector Shringoda police station.

As Swamy and others stepped out of the police station, they were attacked by the mob. Police have registered a FIR against 36 people under several sections of Indian Penal Code, including an attempt to murder, under Arms Act. No arrest has been registered in connection with the attack.

After the incident, injured cow protection group had left for Pune, said media reports.

So much violence and murder cases have been reported against cow vigilante groups from North India for beating up brutally assaulting and killing those who mishandle cow or consume cow meat. It is the need of the hour to end the practice of taking law in their hands in the name of ‘Gau Raksha’. Cow slaughtering is not illegal. According to Hinduism, the cow is considered to be sacred and hence should not commit any harm against them rather worship. But through Gandhiji’s words:

“How can I force anyone not to slaughter cows unless he is himself so disposed? It is not as if there were only Hindus in the Indian Union. There are Muslims, Parsis, Christians and other religious groups here.”

Thus, it is against our Indian culture to attack anyone under religious or political matters. Being a secular nation, it is our responsibility to live in harmony with our fellow beings as well as the nature that comprises of rich flora and fauna.