Italian woman Laura Messi weds herself in lavish ceremony at Vimercate

Italian woman Laura Messi weds herself in lavish ceremony at Vimercate. Photo: Facebook

Vimercate/Italy, September 29: An Italan bride excavated the tradition of  two-person approach to marriage and hosted a solo wedding. According to reliable sources, Laura Messi who is a Lissone residentinvited 70 guests to a farmhouse in Vimercate, north of Milan. The wedding was on Monday and she walked down the aisle in a Swarovski diamond encrusted wedding dress.

Photo: Facebook

The only that was missing in the wedding was a groom. According to sources, Laura Messi said that she made the decision to marry herself after failing to find a suitable husband before the age of 40. This type of marriage is termed as sologamy where advocates of self-marriage claim the non-legally binding union. It can help to support a better understanding of oneself and harmonize your external relationships.

Photo: Facebook

Laura Messi further mentioned that “I feel like a healthy person and happy and I have a good opinion of myself”, following a lavish ceremony involving a three tier wedding cake. She added that “Some people might criticize me, but I’m convinced that I have done nothing wrong. I’m so happy and above all I crowned my dream.” Laura Messi admitted that she could marry someone in the future, but  affirmed that her happiness would not depend on it.