It’s time to Sasikala to reveal secrets behind Jayalalithaa’s life and death: Where is Deepa Jayakumar and Sheela Balalkrishnan?

Sasikala to swear in as TN CM tomorrow: Tamil Nadu forgets Jayalalithaa, terribly betrayed believing gimmicks. Photo: IANS

Chennai, Feb 6: Till last evening the state of Tamil Nadu was hopefully waiting for their beloved Amma to come back all alive. But they were so unfortunate that their waiting ended up in an agony which the state has never experienced ever before. And now they know, she could never come back and she will never come back.

But how did she die? Is it a mere lung infection? Fever and dehydration? A multiple organ failures? An untimely cardiac arrest? OR something else? These are just a few questions in a layman’s mind.

Another significant question is about the future of Jayalalithaa lead AIADMK. There are high chances for the AIADMK to split and to get destroyed within itself as wished by the DMK. Or else, after a split, one faction would join BJP and the Sasikala group would join DMK.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa inaugurated 2nd elevated corridor of Chennai Metro on September 21.
On the next day, on September 22, Jayalalitha was admitted to Apollo hospital Chennai after she suffered from fever and dehydration.

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A secrecy prevailed over the whole atmosphere from day one of Jayalalithaa’s hospital stay. Everything was kept secret. None is allowed to see her, at least through a glass-door or through a window. This was a situation when the public becomes unable to make out what happens in between. No information was available about the chief minister of the state for many days. A few days later some vague information began to come out that Jayalalitha holds a meeting with party members at the hospital and on October 14th she approved the garlanding of M G Ramachandran’s (MGR) statue to be held on October 17, and so on.

From day one of Jayalalithaa’s admission at the Apollo hospital, many reports have come out telling about her health condition. On September 23, reports came that she has no fever and was on a normal diet. On September 24, the Apollo hospital has issued a bulletin saying that she is still under observation. On September 25, it was said that Jayalalitha responding well to treatments and would be discharged soon. Meanwhile, many prominent personalities visited the Apollo hospital Chennai to see her. But no one was allowed to see her or talk to her.

Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar also tried to see her at the hospital, but even she was kept away from reaching her.

According to reports, on September 27, Jayalalitha had dictated the speech on Cauvery to be read out by Chief Secretary P. Rama Mohana Rao at the meeting of the Executive Heads of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. But again on September 29, it was informed that she needs to remain at the hospital for a few more days. Ironically, on the next day on 30 September, the Apollo hospital had again issued a health bulletin claiming that she is responding well to treatment. As if she was not even responding to medicines till then.

After realising the contradiction in those statements from the Apollo hospital as well as from the party (AIADMK), DMK Chief M Karunanidhi demanded the state government to immediately take steps to put an end to rumours surrounding Jayalalithaa’s health status by releasing her photograph from the hospital.

On October 1st, Jayalalithaa was reported to have been examined by a specialist doctor from the UK while there was no official statement on her health condition either from the state government or from the Apollo Hospitals. According to reports, the British doctor Richard John Beale examined Jayalalithaa, who is a Consultant Intensivist at the London Bridge Hospital. Along with him, a team of specialist doctors from AIIMS Delhi has also joined the Apollo team for Jayalalithaa’s treatment.

She has no fever. She was on a normal diet. She was able to dictate speech on Cauvery issue. She was able to take important decisions and even able to convene meeting with party members at the hospital. If she was that much healthy, why she needed a longer hospital stay? And if she was that much healthy, why they come out so often saying that she responds well to treatment?

According to Google, an intensivist, also known as a critical care physician, is a medical doctor with special training and experience in treating critically ill patients. An intensivist completes a fellowship in critical care medicine after finishing a residency in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, anaesthesia or surgery.

If every report from the hospital and the party were true, why they brought an expert INTENSIVIST  from London to treat her?

Who could answer all these questions? No one seems to be responsible.

Now, she has gone. Gone forever. She could never come back and reveal anything. The whole state is crying for her. She was their beloved Amma.

The party says in one voice, in the beginning, she suffered fever and dehydration and lung infection followed.

No such prominent person would have died of such a ‘simple fever and dehydration’. But after her entry to Apollo hospital, no reliable person have seen her alive. After 75 days of her hospital stay, she breathed her last. And now she prepares for her final journey to Marina Beach. No one can see any of Jayalalithaa’s relatives near her at Rajaji hall or even at the Marina Beach, where she would be buried. Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar was seen somewhere around the place. Deepa Jayakumar might not be allowed to do any religious rights for Jayalalitha, instead, Sasikala did it. Jayalalithaa’s soulmate Sheila Balakrishnan is also not found anywhere in the scene.

Let time prove the real facts behind all the happenings which lead to these questions.

Rest In Peace Tamil Nadu’s beloved Amma.