Jaipur, Lucknow airports now CAT-IIIB compliant

New Delhi, Dec 9 (IANS) The Airports Authority of India (AAI) on Friday said the Jaipur and Lucknow airports have become CAT-IIIB (instrument landing system) compliant airports with effect from December 8.

Now Jaipur and Lucknow airports aircraft will be able to land with runway visual range (RVR) of 50 meters or more, AAI said in a statement here.

“With the implementation of ILS CAT-IIIB operations from Jaipur and Lucknow airports, aircraft will face less delay or cancellation of flight during the winter fog season,” the statement said.

“The problem faced by passengers during fog period would be reduced with the new upgraded CAT-IIIB system which fully supports continued flight operations and ground movement of aircraft during periods of low visibility (when RVR is as low as 50m).”