Jallikattu features in Goa candidate’s poll campaign

Panaji, Jan 21 (IANS) A regional party candidate in Goa on Saturday raked up Jallikattu as a poll issue by asking people of his constituency in South Goa if they were willing to rise like Jallukattu fans in Tamil Nadu to legalise traditional bull fights in Goa.

“Are you all ready to rise like people in Tamil Nadu? Are you willing to do it in order to legalise dhirio. We should be making our own laws,” outgoing MLA and Goa Forward candidate for the Fatorda assembly constituency said at a corner meeting late on Saturday.

Although a banned sport, traditional bull fights or dhirios was an “open secret” in Goa, with several such fights organised in the coastal open areas and paddy fields.

Jallikattu, a banned sport which involves chasing of bulls, has evoked protests stretching over several days in Tamil Nadu, which has resulted in the government promulgating an ordinance to bypass the ban on it.