Japan eyes Asia’s market for security gadgets and sanitary wares

Tokyo, June 29: Japan’s NTT Communications Corporation is testing if this can be applied in crime prevention. One of the tests is the visual analysis by “Deep Learning” technology. The device helps in analyzing the contents of still images. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been started in various fields.

Koji Ito of the NTT Communications Corporation said, “By interpreting images with temporal movements, ‘Time Series Deep Learning’ has become the technology of comprehending what someone is doing.”

It identifies movements of a person by analyzing time changes, ‘Time Series Deep Learning’ can identify human movements from moving images with high precision.

For example, detecting and identifying unnatural activities or an emergency patient becomes possible.

Kenichiro Shimada also of the NTT Communications Corporation said, “Such activities so far were a burden for human beings. Monitoring certain operations used to require tireless attention. By doing so, the territory of cooperation with human beings extends and it broadens the possibilities of people engaging in other creative tasks.”

The application of ‘Time Series Deep Learning’ is fast-growing in Asia.

Shimada further said, “More and more large-scaled commercial facilities are being built. We think there are more possibilities for application in those growing markets. In Asia, we also believe it can be applied in the field of security.”

Not only security gadgets, the growing economics world over are generating more demands for high-end sanitary.

In Kuala Lumpur, the sanitary items installed in many luxury homes are of TOTO.

Bridgett Hor, a sales manager at W.Atelier Sdn Bhd, said, “We thank to TOTO Japan for their 100 years of continuous innovation to improve our bathroom experience. TOTO products have been in Malaysia for more than 30 years. With our dedication in providing the best services, it is obvious TOTO is the preferred choice for bathroom fixtures and fittings.”

The prime location is the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Here, luxury homes that are co-developed by the developers from Japan are also impressed with TOTO’s technical strength.

Tan Yee Seng, Senior General Manager, Architectural & Project Developments, IGB Corporation, Berhad, said, “In the area of toilets.They do it better than anybody else.”

TMS in Malaysia has been playing an important role as the production base of Washlet products used all around the world.

Osamu Akiyoshi, Managing Director, Toto Malaysia SDN. BHD, said, “It has been 20 years since Toto Malaysia was established in 1995. We are delivering Washlet from Malaysia to clients throughout the world. We strive to bring Washlet with high quality to the clients from all over the world.”

In Cambodia, the booming economy has open new opportunities for luxury sanitary items.

As a Japanese housing equipment brand, Toto has been playing an unparalleled role. One of the examples is Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel, where Toto products have been used.

Benoit Jancloes, General Manager, Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel & Residence, said, “Five star, prime location, Upgrade that a lot of hotels don’t . luxury difference.”

The construction of luxury homes is undergoing steadily in Phnom Penh. Toto was chosen due to its reliable technical strength.

Shuji Kato, Vice President, Creed Asia (Cambodia) Co. Ltd., said, “Statistics show that from now on, the population of Cambodia will be growing explosively. Among which, clearly the needs for homes and buildings will grow. Our Bodaijyu project is located in front of the airport, aiming to develop around 1,000 condominiums. More than any others, the reason to choose Toto is because its Japan’s leading high-quality brand.”

Seng Seam Lay, General Manager, Sun Hour Import & Export Co., Ltd., said, “Toto brand is considered a very high end brand in Cambodia. Toto have influence the Japanese toilet culture to the Cambodian market and more and more started to accept and enjoy the experience.”

Daijiro “DJ” Nogata, President, Toto Asia Oceania Pte. Ltd., said, “For Toto, with its many countries that are making remarkable growth, Asian markets are one of the most important markets. We look forward to bringing the products that are suitable for each country, and to growing together with each country.”

The branding power of Toto has helped Cambodia, which is undergoing further development.