Jayalalithaa’s niece and nephew Deepa and Deepak in a dispute over Poes Garden residence?

Deepa Jayakumar
Jayalalithaa's niece and nephew Deepa and Deepak in a dispute over Poes Garden residence?

Chennai, June 14: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s family members in Chennai is now in a dispute to gain the ownership of Jayalalithaa’s Poes Garden Residence, Vedanialayam. It has been alleged that Deepa has been prevented from entering Vedanilayam on Sunday due to this dispute.

The Vedanilayam with an area of 24,000 square feet area will now be worth Rs 90 crore. The residence was bought by Jayalalithaa’s mother Sandhya in 1967 for Rs 1.32 lakh. After the death of Jayalalitha, Sasikala was staying here.

Deepa and Deepak are staying in the two stories in their house in T Nagar. Sasikala has bought this house in Benami name, once there had a situation in which the house was being seized up against the repayment of a loan.

Now Deepa and her brother Deepak is trying to migrate to the Poes Garden before they had to leave their seized house. There are also reports that the legal proceedings had already been started. Also, there are reports that both of them are not in good terms.

Shortly after Jayalalithaa’s death, Deepak had stayed here for a few days. Deepa had questioned this and asked who gave him the right to stay there. Meanwhile, Sasikala’s family had taken many steps to gain the ownership of the Poes Garden.

Meanwhile, legal experts opined that there is nothing wrong in Deepa and Deepak claiming ownership of Vedanilayam. Both are the heirs of Jayalalitha’s brother Jayakumar. As Jayalalithaa did not have children, the legal heirs are the Deep and the Deepak.

Although it is reported that Jayalalithaa had written her Will in favour of Deepa and Deepak, it is not clear that where it is.

At the same time, Sasikala came up with a claim that Vedanilayam belongs to her.

There was also allegation that the robbery happened at Kodanad estate was intended to steal several documents in disguise.

Deepa and Deepak were staying in the Pots Garden until they moved to their T Nagar residence in 2002.