Jaypee Hospital performs 100 transplants in 1 year

Noida, Nov 17 (IANS) Jaypee Hospital has recorded more than 100 successful liver and renal transplants at affordable rates, the hospital said on Thursday.

The hospital, established two years ago in 2014, started performing liver and renal transplants by 2015 and has till date till date completed 112 transplants — 46 liver and 66 renal transplants.

“Around two lakh people die every year due to liver ailments. In India, nearly 30,000 patients need liver transplant every year but only 1,800 are being transplanted currently,” said Abhideep Chaudhary, Senior Surgeon (Liver Transplant), Jaypee Hospital, in a statement here.

Alcoholic cirrhosis, which represents the most common cause of cirrhosis, accounts for 40 per cent of liver deaths.

In addition, nearly one out of six individuals are affected by fatty Liver disease — the third most common cause of chronic liver disease, the doctors said.

Amit Devra, Senior Consultant (Urology and Renal Transplant), Jaypee Hospital, said: “Nearly 2,00,000 people suffer from kidney failures in India, out of which only 5,000 can get a new life through kidney transplant.”

The hospital has performed transplants on patients from various regions in India including UP, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, as well as from abroad like Mangolia, Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, among others, the statement read.