Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant at the age of 47?

Los Angeles, June 20: Jennifer Aniston, 47, may try to deny those pregnancy rumors, but it’s getting harder to believe, especially after the actress was seen covering her stomach with a rather large jacket on June 17! We’re starting to get pretty suspicious. Here’s what we know so far!

We’re onto you, Jen! The Mother’s Day actress was spotted headed out in New York City on June 17. She wore a chic tee shirt and cute red mini skirt, with comfy black flip-flops. But it was the large denim jacket and hat that she placed directly in front of her lower torso that has us chattering.


Hmm, very interesting. While denim may have totally gone with this outfit, it seems a little unusual to have placed it over her belly, especially amid the rumors!


We could let it go and chalk it up to her being too warm for a coat, but this isn’t the first time! She was seen out the night before with hubby Justin Theroux, 44, also hiding her tummy while heading to dinner, and on June 15 showing what seemed to be a little tummy under a white tank top. And just days before that, she was rocking a jacket and scarf, even though it was sweltering in New York City.