Jio Phone: First 4G Feature phone’s pre-booking to begin on 24th August

New Delhi, August 3: Ever since the Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced the launch of Jio phone last month, the 4G feature phone attracted a lot of buzzes. Jio Phone is extensively expected to stump up a different segment of customers who are planning to upgrade their calls-only phones. Reportedly, some analysts also said that other telecom operators could take information from Jio Phone and launch their own 4G feature phones in association with handset-makers.

The Jio Phone ‘effectively free’ of cost. Along with the Jio Phone, Jio is targeting the 50-crore-strong feature phone market in India. According to a blog post by a domestic broker Angel Broking stated on its website: “Today, nearly 50 crore mobile phone owners are outside the data limit since there is a non-availability of smartphones.

At present, Jio is now planning to launch special LTE smart phones, free of cost. The 4G feature phone would be available on a deposit of Rs. 1,500, which is refundable after 3 years. Ultimately, it would open the demand for data services in a large way. The security deposit is necessary to avoid any potential misuse of data. ”

The phone pre-booking process would start from August 24, both online and offline. Remember, the handset would be delivered only in September even if it’s booked on the first day of pre-booking. The booking follows the policy of first come, first served basis, and aims to deliver 5 million units each week.

Reliance Industries Limited’s telecom would be a game changer in the industry. But, how the competition would actually react would be the second part of the story”, Angel Broking noted further in the statement. There are five main things posted by Angel Broking in its July 25 post:

1. 90 per cent of Reliance Industries’ total investment into the telecom arm Jio has “been redeemed by Reliance Industries Limited shareholders in the form of value accretion”.

2. The shares of Reliance Industries Limited lifted by about 56.18 per cent in the last one year. Reportedly, it also added that the movement in the share price is “a phenomenal performance for the stock of that size”.

3. The total amount spent by Reliance Industries into the Jio business is about Rs. 2,00,000 crore. Accordingly, as a  result of the Jio venture, the market cap has risen by about Rs. 1,80,000 crore in the past one year, Angel Broking said.

4. “After Reliance Jio was launched in September 2016, there was a kick start for Reliance Industries Limited stock,” it noted.