JioFi, the answer to jio customers with 3G or a 2G smartphones

Reliance Jio
Reliance Jio, the Mukesh Ambani-owned telecom giant, Friday announced it has recorded an unrivaled 72 million paid subscribers, and extended by 15 days its rock-bottom priced data offer under 'Prime membership'.

New Delhi, December 23: A 3G or a 2G smartphone is enough for any Reliance subscribers to experience Jio voice valls as well as data services using the JioFi 4G Portable Voice + Data Device.

Jio offers a portable WiFi hotspot for its customers to access internet.  It offers more than just data connectivity – the entire bouquet of Jio services, including voice and video calls, unlike other dongles and portable hotspot devices. JioFi enables its customers to enjoy all benefits of Jio Digital Life.

AJio sim is included with the JioFi. After activating the Jio SIM, multiple devices could be connected to the internet by using the hostspot created by the JioFi device.

The device also enables all the members at home or the entire staff at a small enterprises to be connected to the Jio Digital Life.

For making voice calls from this, users need to download Jio4GVoice on their 2G / 3G smartphone from Play Store.

The mobile phone can be connected to the JioFi’s WiFi network. Making Jio4GVoice the default calling option will ensure that users start enjoying high speed internet, Unlimited Voice calls, Video calls and send SMS anytime, anywhere.

By routing your calls through JioFi, users are sure to surprise on their friends and family.

The call recipient will see the 10-digit number of the user’s JioFi SIM on the screen when users make calls using Jio4GVoice.

With this, the VoLTE features of Video and HD calls will now be available on 2G / 3G smartphones and the users will be able to speak to their contacts in HD voice – crystal clear – if they too are on Jio network.

When the contact calls back on the same number, JioFi users will receive this call on their 2G/3G smartphone which is configured with their JioFi device.

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