Jisha’s last words: This is why we’re told not to trust you

Perumbavoor, Kerala, May 14: The Kerala police team, probing the brutal-rape murder of a dalit law student, claim that they have got fresh forensic leads, which could prove to be a crucial in cracking the Jisha case.
The early inference from the post-mortem report says that the culprit having murdered Jisha by strangling her and later raped her. The police till now were saying that the injuries on Jisha’s face and on private parts were inflicted due to stabbing and was done after her death.
The police have now reached the conclusion that those minor knife wounds on Jisha face and scratches on her body were inflicted when she had tried to defend herself from the murderer with her bare hands. Usually small wounds are found on the body of murder victims when they try to resist the murderer. Jisha might have been maimed after she was stabbed on her neck. The chances are that the murderer must have left the spot soon after Jisha’s blood fell on his clothes and body.
The forensic experts were seen collecting evidence from the murder spot even on Friday which is 15 days after the crime had taken place. They collected samples of soil from the canal, courtyard and from inside the house.
The police exhibited a pair of footwear believed to be worn by murderer for local people to recognise it. The footwear was exhibited at the place where the police were collecting fingerprints of neighbours. The investigating team also collected evidence from Jisha’s father Pappu who was undergoing treatment at the hospital. Pappu has given details of youth who had earlier attacked Jisha in vengeance.
Jisha an hour before her murder had eaten food which was not cooked at her home.  However, police till now is yet to find out from where the food was prepared. According to new forensic finding, it is believed that Jisha had made attempts to escape from the house when the murderer entered her house after 5.00 pm on April 28.
The police presume that the murderer must have caught hold of Jisha’s shawl and forcibly dragged her back into the house. The marks on front part of Jisha’s neck and on sides indicate this. Such marks can also occur if the murderer had strangulated her using the shawl. However, there is no mention of such marks in the post-mortem report.
Jisha’s last words
The police have got clear idea from the neighbours about the last words spoken by Jisha before she was murdered. “It is because of this we are told not to believe you people,’’ are understood to be the last words spoken by Jisha. The neighbours have told police that they heard sounds of someone crying from inside Jisha’s house. They told police that at first the sound of crying was loud but later it became incoherent apparently when Jisha was strangled with the shawl and after some time there was no sound from the house.
However, the forensic experts are unanimous in their opinion that the murder was committed by someone whom Jisha knew very closely.