Joan River was tortured by her love life

Los Angeles, Nov 3 (IANS) A new tell-all book claims that the late popular comedian-actress Joan Rivers was tortured by her love life and tried to commit suicide.

According to, a new biography claims that Rivers attempted suicide twice over her relationships.

Author Leslie Bennetts has also written about an experience that left Rivers’s father threatening to commit her to a mental asylum.

The book is reportedly titled “Last Girl Before Freeway”, and Bennetts claims that Rivers considered suicide in the late 1950s and again in 1987.

In the earlier incident, Rivers was arguing with her boyfriend Nick Clemente, when she threatened to jump out of the window.

The latter incident, when Rivers considered suicide, was in 1987 following the death of her second husband Edgar Rosenberg, who committed suicide by overdosing.

The report claims that Rivers had a gun in her hand, but changed her mind when she realised there would be no-one to look after her dog.

Rivers passed away in 2014 following complications from minor surgery.