Job alert from Google! Be a reporter and earn your stripes with ‘Bulletin’ app

Here’s an impressive opportunity from Google to report your local news and to become a reporter with integrity via their new app ‘Bulletin’. Google recently rolled out a test version of this tool that lets people effortlessly report and publish local news stories.

In a Google forum, Bulletin which encourages citizen journalism is described as,

How does Bulletin work?

Bulletin is a free, lightweight app for telling a story by capturing photos, videoclips and text right from your phone, published straight to the web (without having to create a blog or build a website). If you are comfortable taking photos or sending messages, you can create a Bulletin story!

Now the app is doing the rounds of ‘Limited pilot’ version in Nashville and Oakland, USA.  Google has confirmed the project and according to spokesperson of Google,  ‘The project  is very much in the testing phase and aimed at hyper local stories and events for people to share, and for local media to take advantage of, People everywhere want to know what is going on in their own backyard at a very local level, ranging from local bookstore readings to high school sporting events to information about local street closures’.

James Morehead, A Product manager in Google described the Bulletin as, ‘What if it was effortless to capture these stories publicly from our smartphones? What if it was possible to publish them instantly to the web without having to do any setup? And what if it was accessible to anyone in our community.

So, not just the people we know—there are excellent tools for connecting content to people we know. But connecting content to people we know and to people we don’t know but who share a particular interest. That’s what we’re trying to do with Bulletin.’

The arrival of this app promoting local news,  stands contradictory in nature of the social medias’ policy of promoting news of global appeal but at the same time leaves us questioning about the probability of misinformation from the crude news and it is still not sure how Google intends to tackle this.