John Legend’s mother ‘still’ critiques his style

Los Angeles, Jan 8 (IANS) Singer John Legend’s mother “still” critiques his outfits and often credits him as looking “sharp”, whilst model-wife Chrissy Teigen loves to see him in a dark suit.

“My personal style isn’t outlandish in any way. She still comments on my clothes. For things she likes, she’ll say, ‘That’s sharp, Johnny’,” Legend told website Instyle Online, reports

And the musician says he has always had great style even when he was a child, and has described himself as a “dapper little kid”, although he was surrounded by people who “loved” creating new garments and influenced him.

“I was a very dapper little kid. I grew up around people who loved clothes and loved making them. I never was a tailor myself, but I’ve been ironing my clothes since I was six,” he said.