Judge BH Loya death: Documents submitted by Maharashtra govt deepens mystery

Supreme Court rejects petitions urging investigation into death of Justice BH Loya

Jan 26, New Delhi: Deepening the mystery of judge BH Loya’s death, the documents submitted by Maharashtra government to the Supreme Court contradicts each other.   One of the four judges, who was with Loya at the hospital claims that the ECG machine at the hospital was not working and a final bill summary issued by Meditrina Hospital under Loya’s name, shows a fee of Rs 1,500 charged for “Neuro Surgery”, when Loya was taken to hospital with the complaint of heart pain.

The Caravan Magazine, which first exposed the mysterious death of BH Loya, the judge presiding over one of the most high-profile cases in the country, Sohrabuddin trial in the CBI special court in Mumbai has now come up with new revelations regarding the death of Loya based on the documents submitted by Maharashtra government in Supreme Court, which was handed over to the petitioners.

According to the report by Caravan, the submitted documents include statements from four judges—Shrikant Kulkarni, SM Modak, VC Barde and Roopesh Rathi—who claim to have been with Loya in his last hours.

A handwritten statement given to the SID by Rathi, states that the ECG machine at Dande Hospital was not working when Loya was taken there on the night he died

Rathi’s statement reads “Dande Hospital was on 1st floor and so we all climbed stairs and went there. One assistant doctor was present there. Mr. Loya complained of severe chest pain. His face was sweating and he was continually telling about more chest pain and heartburn. At that time the doctor tried to do his ECG but the nodes of ECG machine were broken. The doctor tried and wasted some time but the machine was not working.”

Credit: Caravan Magazine

The Caravan report further says that in their statements to the SID, Modak and Kulkarni do not mention an ECG test at all. Barde states in passing that the medical officer on duty at Dande Hospital performed an examination on Loya that included an ECG test. The SID report itself makes no mention of any ECG test.

The documents were submitted to the Supreme Court by the state of Maharashtra as part of hearings regarding the death of the judge Loya. The papers have been submitted alongside a report prepared for the additional chief secretary of the home ministry of Maharashtra by Sanjay Barve, the commissioner of Maharashtra’s State Intelligence Department. The Supreme Court had handed over the copies of the documents to petitioners, who asked for an investigation into Loya’s mysterious death in Nagpur in 2014.

The medical documents submitted from Meditrina also raise many doubts. Caravan reports that the documents are  “ambiguous about whether Loya was already dead when he was brought to the hospital or whether he was still alive and received treatment. The medico-legal certificate states that he was “brought dead” to the hospital, but the death summary states, “Emergency medication is given, DC shock of 200 [unclear] was given multiple times. … CPR continued … the patient could not be revived.”

A “Final Inpatient Bill Summary” issued by Meditrina, shows a fee of Rs 1,500 charged for “Neuro Surgery.” It is not clear why doctors at Meditrina would have performed neurosurgery on Loya when he was purportedly brought in showing signs of a heart attack.

The Caravan also have carried an audio clip of the interview its reporter had with Judge Prashant Rathi in December, in which  he says “I did not even know Loya saab,”