A skeptical #KnowTheHazareModel look into #JusticeforSreejith campaign

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” George Orwell, Animal Farm

This quote may not sum up the collective conscience of the crowd gathered in Trivandrum for Sreejith’s justice. But a defensive strategy to avoid people, who catch the fish in muddy water, is always a better idea though. Sreejith who is doing 766th day strike to seek justice for his brother Sreejiv’s police custodial death, getting umpteen support from worldwide through social media and unexpectedly people of Kerala gathering for his cause there at his strike venue. The empathetic crowd was sloganeering loudly that ‘No politics, only Justice here in this strike’. If we give much attention to all Facebook live’s and other reactions from people through TV bites, the common reaction is ‘humanity’. Mollywood actor Tovino Thomas added that emotion beautifully by talking about his concern for humanity after reaching out to Sreejith and the crowd welcomed with claps.

But the clinical fact is little bitter if we look at it skeptically with a small reminder about Anna Hazare movement. The crowd gathered at Ram leela maidan were against ‘corruption’ and they were fed up of sarkar looting lakh cores of their tax money. Here people want to expose the ‘atrocity by police force’ and need to make peaceful quality life for Sreejith and family. All is well up to this, but at the same time as mentioned Hazare movement resulted in gathering of ‘non political crowd with an aim to end corruption’. Here lies the ploy, and let’s start the skeptical game.

Shifting the goal post

Shifting the goal post is no more a joke after demonetization, so as in that game one need to look closely into the people who want to play a Ramesh Chennithala minus Anderson effect. Because they are repeatedly saying ‘we are here for Sreejith, not for politics’, but the history is not that innocent and people of Kerala had enough political intrusion and they also got a new word last year and that was ‘Kummanadi’.

Left supporters are busy with giving a lecture on how Pinarayi government helped the family of Sreejith and cyber comrades also got some documented evidence. As always their ‘Double-hearted Chief’ is clean like a helicopter shot by MS Dhoni. This is literally the fate of left in Kerala and they always do this ‘we are not the one’ game. Technically this is exactly a fight against exposing the arrogance of police force in Kerala and every one out there might have felt the ‘Kerala police treatment’ once in their life. So they are emotionally very much inclined to Sreejith’s fight.

This emotion is being used by the playmakers who have not shown their trump card yet. And they are repeatedly saying ‘In this case, we don’t have politics’ and following the footsteps of Tovino Thomas. But all these ‘humanitarian’s have shown their chameleon skills many times with their political stands and now for the reference sake remember Anna hazare movement and the aftermath. Because who sponsored the Anna strike is no more a mystery now like the death of Judge Loya.

Some troll pages compared the movement with Suriya starrer Tamil movie ‘Thaana serndha koottam’  and that really shift the focus of the strike and making it filmier. One can simply ignore all these one-liners but the explosive effect of troll cannot be ignored at the same time. So eventually people who wholeheartedly participating in the strike may lose their voice and some ‘representatives’ would come to speak behalf. Remember that propagating false notions under the banner of real cause is always an act of infiltration.  And that could be the game changer and ironically the same police force may need to act against the mob who listen to this ‘humanity politics lovers’. The entire disaster management skills may need to bring up then to avoid collateral damage. Maybe at least that time Mr. CM might be aware of handling chief minister and home ministry portfolio is not a cake walk.

In a developing news, central government directed CBI to investigate the case 

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