Justice Markandey Katju shares vital information about Justice Gogoi on Facebook

New Delhi, November 12: On account of the current Supreme Court verdict on Soumya case, Justice Markandey Katju has shared certain crucial information about Justice Gogoi on the Facebook. The verdict has  relaxed the accused Govindachami from death sentence.

Also, there is some arguments going on between Justice Katju and Justice Gogoi on the same topic. Contempt of court notice was also issued against Justice Katju, yesterday.

The Full Text Of Katju’s Facebook Post: 

I spoke to a senior lawyer of the Supreme Court just now, and he told me that Justice Gogoi’s daughter married the son of Justice Valmiki Mehta, judge of the Delhi High Court, against whom there are serious charges of corruption, so much so that the Supreme Court Collegium recommended his transfer to another High court.
The senior lawyer also told me that he had information that thereafter Gogoi met the Prime Minister, and got Justice Valmiki Mehta’s transfer stayed.
Some lawyers of the Supreme Court have also told me that after marrying Gogoi’s daughter, Gogoi’s son-in-law has started charging, and realizing, astronomical fees, far incommensurate to a junior lawyer, and many times ( some say 25 times ) more than what he was earning earlier.
Does this not require an investigation ?

Later This Post is also removed from his Facebook Page