Kalliyoor in Kerala capital imposes unofficial beef ban which was once suspended after huge public protest

Kalliyoor in Kerala capital imposes unofficial beef ban which was once suspended after huge public protest.

Kalliyoor/ Thiruvananthapuram, August 19: A BJP ruling panchayat named Kalliyoor in the Kerala state capital is said to be having an unofficial ban on beef. Reportedly, the party is preparing for a ban alleging that illegal slaughterhouses are being functioned in Kalliyoor panchayat.

While the Muslim community celebrates the Id-ul-Zuha (Bali Perunnal) which is nearing, a ban on beef would affect their interests. And not only the Muslim community, all other sections would be badly affected if such a ban on their favorite food article is imposed.

There are a number of slaughterhouses operating in the Kalliyoor panchayat. With the BJP coming to power during the last election, a number of reforms were adopted to impose the beef ban, according to media. Pointing that the traders are not having a commercial license, many of the traders were prohibited from selling meat, who was in this industry for many years.

Earlier, the Panchayat authorities had tried to stop the slaughterhouses in Peringamala in the same Panchayat. The people in the region have united against this initiative and declared that the meat trade could not be stopped.

As the interference of the Panchayat authorities in the meat trade become public, all section of the people has unitedly protested against the move to ban the beef trade. The Panchayat has suspended all its procedures to impose a ban as it faced huge protest from the public.

But the panchayat has again started its trials to impose a ban on beef and its trade.

Panchayat authorities have warned the sellers that meat should not be sold in temporary arrangements like sheds. When the sellers arranged shop spaces and started selling meat there, the panchayat again interrupted and warned that the product for selling IE; the meat should not be displayed to the public.

Officials demanded the trader not to show meat outside, which makes passersby come to know about it. The traders in Kalliyoor is not in a position to continue their trade after obeying all these conditions. They are selling meat only once in a week. Taking a shop space for rent, that too for the use of one day per week is not feasible for the small traders in Kalliyoor.

Traders have to suffer a huge loss if they have to pay the rent for weekly-once use. Traders are blaming that the BJP rule is for trying to impose their agenda. Traders urged that harassing them in the name of license and hindering their livelihood shall be stopped.

Mean while in Chatisghar’s Raipur, more than 200 cows were killed after they were kept for days without food. The Goshala is owned by a BJP leader harish Varma, where 200 cows were killed in seven days. The police have arrested Harish Varma.