Kamal Hassan declares to enter politics soon, may join CPI(M), says Saffron is not my colour

Kamal Hassan declares to enter politics soon, may join CPI(M), says Saffron is not my colour.

Chennai, September 1: Popular actor Kamal Hassan has declared today that he would enter politics very soon. He made the declaration after the actor met the Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. He added that “saffron is not his colour”. This two incidents hinted that Kamal Hassan would be joining the CPI(M) very soon.

Earlier Kamal Hassan has raised several allegations against the Tamil Nadu Ministers. Then the actor was challenged by Tamil Nadu ministers to ‘produce evidence’ of corruption against their government. As a response to this, Kamal Haasan has urged people to send proofs of corruption to the respective ministers digitally.

He asked people not to send their complaints written on paper as the ministers could easily discard them. Kamal Hassan has also gave links of websites of the ministries concerned for people to directly produce proof of corruption.

In the last few days, Kamal Haasan has alleged corruption in the current Palaniswami government. The government has not taken kindly to the accusations with Chief Minister Palaniswami saying that the actor does not know politics. “He is into acting… does not know about politics. After he comes to politics and says (such) things, we will give him a proper response,” the Tamil Nadu chief minister said.
To this, Kamal Haasan posted a message on Twitter in which he stated: “The day I communicated my voice against the inconvenience of Hindi, I had turned into a novice lawmaker”.

Without naming anybody in his Twitter post, the on-screen character said that those “behind influence” and the individuals who overlook their obligation by tolerating cash” were undermining activity against him for tax avoidance. Kamal Haasan urged individuals to approach and question the legislature. He said that it is the obligation of a dependable subject to scrutinise the administration on defilement.

He solicited individuals to carefully record examples from debasement in the administration. “You should keep in touch with them on the off chance that you had gone over debasement in this administration. Try not to do that through letters or postcards as they will simply tear them. Record them carefully, and with poise,” Haasan said. Kamal Haasan has asserted far reaching defilement in giving duty exception to movies, including that numerous from the film business supported such debasement “out of dread”.