Kammanahally molestation: Bengaluru Police files suo moto case, six detained

Bengaluru Kammanahalli assault: Victim identifies attacker.

Begaluru, January 5: As watching the shocking video of a women getting molested in Bengaluru yeaterday, yet another disappoininting information is being delivered by the Bengaluru police. That is the number plate of molestors’ scooter was not visible as the tail light was so bright which masked the number completely. This makes tough to identify the molesters.

According to Bengaluru police, six people have been detained for questioning in the Kammanahalli molestation case. They include suspects from the area questioned by the police team probing the case.

A woman was groped and assaulted by two men on a scooter near her home in the Kammanahalli area of Bengaluru. The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras, even as bystanders a stone’s throw away did not intervene.

Teams are also looking for the scooter seen in the CCTV footage, but the scooter’s tail lamp masked the number plate -a hurdle for investigators, the police said.

Commissioner of police Praveen Sood said that the footage is credible and officers were on the job. Police have been trying to access other CCTV cameras in the area. Police said there are a few ATMs near the spot where the attack took place. But these ATMs were shut because there were no currency notes loaded into machines, and so the cameras recorded no footage.

Police began their hunt by scanning mobile phones active in that area when the incident took place. “We prepared a list of mobile numbers active between 2am and 3am on January 1. After filtering out women and senior citizens, we will start calling the remaining numbers, seeking details of the receiver,” a senior police officer said.

While no complaint has been filed, the police have filed a case suo moto.