Kansas reporter goof-up yawning caught on air

Kansas reporter goof-up yawning caught on air

Kansas ,April25:Kansas based reporter Deedee was lined up to go live when someone in the production control room accidentally put her on-air. Unfortunately for her, she was yawning at that exact moment and the giant yawn was out there for the world to see.

The channel was on their weather segment with in-house meteorologist Ross Jansen when the weather feed went to Deedee who was looking a bit tired. The clueless reporter had no idea as she yawned leaving the meteorologist in giggles. The studio anchor did finally hand over to Deedee who like a true professional went on to do her job.

She was brave enough to put her little goof-up on social media

Social media praised both of them for continuing their job like total pros.
“Go for it Deedee! and Ross… nice recovery and composure..The show when on and you are both consummate professionals. Nice!!” wrote Art Johnson.

“You played that off perfectly,” wrote Paige Feikert.

A colleague of Deedee admitted the same happened to her as well. “That happened to me too!! But I didn’t realize until someone emailed a picture,” said Cindy Hull, a reporter at the same channel.

Earlier this month, Australian news reader Natasha Exelby went viral after she was caught daydreaming on live TV. After her blooper went viral, several journalists shared their own on-air gaffes on social media.