Karan Johar calls it quits with Kajol post ‘Unsuitable Boy’

Karan Johar calls it quits with Kajol post 'Unsuitable Boy'

Mumbai, Jan 13:Karan Johar’s biography is keeping him in news these days. The book titled ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ not only talks about Karan Johar’s sexual orientation, when he lost his virginity and the importance of Shah Rukh Khan in his life, it also reportedly talks about his other best friend, Kajol. Once considered inseparable in Bollywood, the two had a fall-out last year.

Excerpts from the book are doing the rounds of the social media, which talk about what happened. The book reportedly reveals that Kajol and KJo’s friendship ended prior to the release of Karan and Ajay’s films Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Shivaay respectively. Karan and Kajol had been friends for 25 years before that.

The excerpt says, “I don’t have a relationship with Kajol anymore. We’ve had a fallout. Something happened that disturbed me deeply which I will not talk about because it’s something that I like to protect and feel it would not be fair to her or to me. After two and half decades, Kajol and I don’t talk at all. We just acknowledge each other, say ‘hello’ and walk past.”

Excerpts from the book

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The problem was actually never between her and me. It was between her husband and me, something which only she knows about, he knows about and I know about it. I want to keep it at that. I don’t really want to say what transpired. But I did feel that she needed to apologize for something she didn’t do. I felt that if she’s not going to acknowledge twenty-five years of friendship, if she wants to support her husband, then that’s her prerogative. At some outer level, I understood it. But I just couldn’t see myself in her life any more. It’s been months we haven’t spoken to each other,” it goes on to say.

Karan also seems to have talked about the whole ADHM and Shivaay clash and other related issues — Kamal R Khan had claimed he was paid by Dharma productions to promote ADHM at Shivaay’s cost. He later retracted. Karan says in the book, “Prior to the release of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, there’s a lot that happened. Things were said, crazy accusations were made against me, that I had bribed someone to sabotage her husband’s film. I can’t even say that I was hurt or pained by it. I just wanted to blank it out. When she reacted to the whole situation and put out a tweet saying, ‘Shocked!’ that’s when I knew it was completely over for me. That tweet validated the insanity, that she could believe I would bribe someone. I felt that’s it. It’s over. And she can never come back to my life. I don’t think she wants to either. I never want to have anything to do with them as a unit. She was the one who mattered to me but now it’s over. I told my mother that she could have a one-on-one relationship with Kajol if she wanted. That’s my mother’s preference and if Kajol chooses to, but she’s out of my life.”

It also reveals how hurt Karan felt after news of the entire bribing episode broke. “I wouldn’t like to give a piece of myself to her at all because she’s killed every bit of emotion I had for her for twenty-five years. I don’t think she deserves me. I feel nothing for her any more. I’ve been told by my friends that it’s still my hurt talking but I’m so indifferent to the situation now, what with everything that’s transpired. There was still a bit of me that wished we would get back to what we had, but that one-word tweet that she put out – that was the most humiliating thing she could have done for a person who loved her deeply. That broke me. Once it broke me, it angered me and then I went into indifference. Now no matter what happens, I’m never going to be there for her. Maybe it doesn’t matter to her at all. I don’t even want to speak about her husband because that’s inconsequential to my life now. He doesn’t matter to me, he never did. I still don’t want to say anything about her husband because I want to respect the history she and I shared,” it reads.

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But Karan also seems to be very careful with the manner he explained his sentiments, especially since both he and Kajol share a common group of friends, “But yes, it hurts me that she’s still close to people I’m really close to, like Manish and Niranjan. Somehow I wish she wasn’t. When they talk about her, it angers me. I know it’s not fair for me to impose my feeling on them but it bothers me. I can’t be dishonest and say it doesn’t. I can’t help it. I’m human. But I don’t want to be that person who asks his friends to take sides. I’m not territorial normally, but about this, I feel very strongly.”

Karan Johar is evidently hurt. But after all this, we also need to see what Kajol or Ajay have to say. Ajay posted on Twitter, “Request:- pls stop printing old interviews. Answers are dependent on time remember ?”

 Meanwhile, a source close to Ajay told HT, “Karan is doing this just to sell his book. The whole industry knows that Karan b*tches people behind their back. Even Shah Rukh Khan was upset with Karan because of his comments against Priyanka Chopra. Two years ago at a party, Karan indulged in really loose talk about Kajol in front of an A-list actor. That actor, in turn, told Ajay Devgn about it. Ajay even asked that actor why, despite being Karan’s friend, is he telling him about it. The actor said that if Karan could badmouth Kajol in front of him, he could also gossip about him someday. Ajay was obviously furious – any man would be if his wife was talked about in such light. So he called Karan and abused him on the phone. He told Karan that ‘you can say what you wish about my film but don’t talk about my wife and family.’”