Karnataka Police seeks governor’s sanction to prosecute CM Siddaramaiah on nepotism charges

Karnataka Chief Minister K Siddaramaiah.

Bengaluru/Karnataka, September 19: The Karnataka Police Mahasangha on Tuesday wrote a letter to the Bengaluru Governor seeking sanction to prosecute Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for nepotism and misuse of power.

The Police Mahasangha sought the Governor’s Sanction to prosecute Siddaramaiah for the appointment of the Hoskote MLA, N. Nagaraj, as the Chairman of a Bengaluru International Airport Area Planning Authority.

In the letter, the Police Mahasangha wrote, “It is apparent that the Chief Minister seems to violate the Oath of Office as per his whims and fancies. He has to be made accountable for this violation.”

“Though having absolutely no knowledge of the background of the candidate Chief Minister is in the habit of making a whimsical recommendation in helping his own party-men to the posts of Chairman to various Boards,” the letter added.

The letter also gave details of eligibility criteria for an officer to hold such a post. It said a member of a planning authority, other than a person appointed as a member by virtue of his office shall possess the following criteria.

1- He shall be ordinarily a resident in the local planning area.
2- He must be associated with town planning work at least for one year.
3- He must be a qualified town planner or architect or engineer practising in the state for a period of not less than five years.
4- He must be a specialist such as an Economist, Geographer, Sociologist or legal petitioner.

Conclusively, the letter seeking permission to initiate proceedings under Section 13 (1) (d) of the PC Act and under various sections of the IPC against Siddaramaiah keeping quality and justice at paramount importance. (ANI)