Karnataka polls: Ahead of official campaign, parties busy shaping strategies

Bengaluru, Jan 13: The year 2018 going to witness an assembly poll, which is a prestigious Assembly poll for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress (INC). Though both parties are yet to launch official campaign a tirade of allegation and counter allegation by both parties have put Karnataka polls on the centre of national politics.

The ruling Congress party of the state thinks that it can retain the power in the state, on the contrary, the Amit Shah led BJP has already started an all out attack on Congress based on alleged corruption, misappropriation of funds and recent killings of right-wing workers in the state.

According to Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, the upcoming Assembly polls in the state would be a battle between two ideologies — communalism and secularism.

Meeting the media persons, the only one Congress Chief Minister of Southern India denied that there was any anti-incumbency factor for the party and put a brave face that he would be able to retain power in the state.

On Saturday, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi called a meeting at New Delhi, and the leaders from the state including Siddaramaiah discussed the party’s poll preparedness and the strategy  to be adopted for the upcoming assembly polls. The meeting lasted for three-and-a-half hours.

Also, Karnataka polls  is the second challenge of Rahul Gandhi, after assuming the post of Congress President, after Gujarat polls and Himachal Pradesh,  Though in Gujarat, the Congress lost, Rahul was appreciated for better performance.

Gandhi is scheduled to launch the first leg of his party’s poll campaign in Karnataka on February 10. The state is expected to go to the polls in March-April.

According to Siddaramaiah, the Congress had not only honoured all the promises it had made in its manifesto for the previous state polls, but “even some of the programmes not in the manifesto were implemented”.

BJP Chief Amit Shah, who has increased his frequency of visits to the state after successive victories in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, has asked the local BJP leadership to keep up pressure on the state government and strengthen grassroots levels workers and conduct outreach programmes.

The BJP has also deployed its star campaigner, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, in the state for poll campaigns.