Karur temple women devotees cover their head with sari or dupatta for fear of hair being chopped off

TRICHY,August 29: No doubt, the odds are stacked against the fair sex. Out in the open, they have to contend with so many forces, mostly roadside romeos, chainsnatchers, groping hands, sexual predators, and what not. But at this village near Karur, they have another worry: protecting their tresses from the nimble fingered gentry.

Women devotees coming to the Oorani Kaliamman temple near Aranthangi ensure that their heads are covered with their saree pallu or dupatta after a college girl had her plait chopped off by an unknown perpetrator on the premises a couple of days ago. The victim chose not to file a complaint. Locals say there have been similar instances at the temple in the past.

The temple that comes under the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments department is controlled by the Pashupath Ishwarar temple at Karur. As it is close to the Government Arts Col lege, Thanthonimalai, in Karur, students frequently visit it.

Fridays are considered especially auspicious to offer worship to the deity. Last Friday, a group of girl students were returning from a visit to the temple when one of them was horrified to find her plait missing. Someone had chopped it off.

A woman police constable who had come to offer prayers was told about the incident. After speaking to the victim, she informed the Pasupathypalayam police station.
 “It is so weird that the victim was unaware about her missing plait until it was pointed out to her by one of her friends,” says inspector of Pasupathypalayam police station Chandrasekaran.