Karva Chauth 2016 : Mehendi Designs To Inspire You

Mehendi Ceremony, an occasion that is a major event at all Indian festivals. We definitely won’t give up on an opportunity to get some pretty red, on our hands. The sheer excitement of hiring mehendi artists, the restlessness of waiting for the design to be laid out and then dry off is well worth it, when the colour left behind is deep and lasting. This Karva chauth, revive that joy with our suggestions of Mehendi patterns to get and raging trends to observe.

1. Punjabi Mehendi Style
One of the highlights of the Punjabi design is the Raja Rani pattern. It adds royalty to design, giving the bride and groom or the husband and wife a place of privilege. The Raja and Rani largely occupy the palm, making the design stand out.


2. Moroccon Design
Unlike the Indian pattern which generally comprises of flowers, peacocks and deities, the Moroccan pattern follows a geometric flow. This kind of flow gives the Mehendi perfect symmetry.


3. Mughlai Mehendi
Mughlai Mehendi is one of the traditional styles of Mehendi. It is famous for the art and patience that goes into designing it. The design has negative spaces to give a clean look.


4. Indian Mehendi
The traditional Indian Mehendi style includes motifs such as peacocks, flowers, intricate details or deities. Such designs always have little details to fill in the larger design space. Indian style always occupies more space than any other styles.


5. Karwa Chauth Special
A festival which makes ‘shringar’ a priority is Karwa chauth. Along with fasting for the husband’s longevity, women also adorn themselves and apply mehendi. The mehendi can be applied in a bangle form, with beautiful kundan designs which can make the hands look gorgeous.


Raging Trends

1. Floral Style
Floral is always in style. It is believed that in ancient period, mehendis were used to keep the evil eye at bay and flowers indicate positivity.


2. Fingers And Sides
Applying Mehendi on just the fingers or sides of the feet can make for interesting temporary tattoos (because getting an original needs a fair share of guts and decision making!). It can also be a replacement for an ornament and can become a style statement in itself.


3. Symbolism
Mehendi has become a new trend of stating a point or depicting a symbol. The symbol could be everything from an evil eye to a dream catcher to flower trellis! It’s an original way to convey who you are and what you represent.


4. The Paiseley Print
In such prints, the fingertips and the palm share the same design. While the fingertips are like the teasers, the palm shows an enlarged view of the same design. The design generally follows a curvy flow emanating from the paisleys.


5. The Elephant Motif
If you had to take a break from peacocks and classic styles, why not elephants! This style fills up space and is reminiscent of north western India.


6. Colors
Try adding colors to your mehendi. Step out of your home with a mehendi that matches the colours of your outfit.


7. The Split Mandala Pattern
This minimalistic design takes up one base figure and the rest of the design revolves around it. It has curvy ends to jazz up the style.