Kasanganj | ‘People are using ‘my death’ and try to instigate further violence’ says a ‘Died Hindu Victim’

Dramatic incidents are taking place at violence driven Kasanganj area. There were social media posts spread that, Rahul Upadhyay, a Hindu man reported to the nearest police station and busted the speculation about his death.

Indian Express quoted him saying that ”I realized there were people who were using me to try and instigate further violence. The narrative was about Hindus being killed and I reached out to police and district administration. Eventually, I got through.”

Contrary to rumors spread on social media, Rahul Upadhyay is alive. We have arrested four people for spreading false rumors,” Sanjeev Gupta, IG Aligarh Range told ANI

Social media was bombarded with the death news of ‘Hindu man’ and asked everybody to respond to the incident. Many groups continuously shared the news.

Earlier also some accounts spotted this fake news and shared their views on it.

Rahul, who works for a news outlet said that He got a call asking ‘whether he is dead or not’, first he thought it was a joke before he came to know about social media posts. So to negate the fake news spreading he reported at police station