Kasanganj | Postmortem report of ‘Martyr’ Chandan Gupta will be crucial

Kasanganj now and then

The communal tension in Kasganj has a single reason that persists from 1991- construction of Chamunda Gate near Chamunda temple. Hindus want this gate but Muslims oppose it. Every now and then this issue flares up here. Every Hindu/Muslim born here after 1991 has been mouth-fed about this issue. More recently this episode got a boost when the scion of Achalpur Maharaj, a Rajput, founded NGO Sankalp last year to fulfil his ambitions. There is a Gorakhnath Peeth branch near the railway station. Yogi Adityanath is its patron. This NGO used this mutt to advance its political ambitions and come close to Yogi.

On 24th January, this NGO took out a citywide procession with an idol of Yogi Ratan Nath from this temple itself. This was the ultimate provocation that took the riot out of virtual media and prepared peoples’ mindset for a physical confrontation- anytime! Both the communities were well prepared for 26th as they knew riot could not be postponed now. That is why when the tiranga rally reached Baddu Nagar tiraha, muslims had already hoisted tiranga there and for the first time in contemporary discourse, used it as a shield to retaliate fiercely.

Kasganj is the first riot where you do not find a sense of direct victimhood on Muslims’ face rather Hindus are more enraged.This is obvious. The day before yesterday all heard the father of Chandan Gupta saying in open- laash ke badle laash.

Postmortem report of ‘Martyr’ Chandan Gupta crucial

How Chandan Gupta was killed is an entirely different issue because the firing was from three sides- police, Hindu boys and Muslim boys. Only the post-mortem report will prove whose bullet is inside and police are silent on it. The bullet touched below his left shoulder and entered inside through chest. This is never possible in a head-on firing. The only possibility is that someone fired from above. People are suspicious that he may be killed in police firing. Without Post-mortem report.

And in some sense, Kasanganj can be a violence that originated from Facebook and at the same time, people are trying to change the narrative through Facebook itself and trying to diffuse the communal tension.

On another side, The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Wednesday urged Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to grant martyr status to Chandan Gupta, the man who died in the recent violence in Kasganj.The VHP urged Adityanath to acknowledge the loss and deliver justice to Gupta’s kin. Demanding a government job for a member of Gupta’s family, the VHP also requested Adityanath to give a compensation of Rs.50 lakh and a house to the kin of the deceased. The VHP further asked Adityanath to give orders to free all Hindu youth who have been arrested by the police following the Kasganj violence.

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