Kathua rape case draws widespread protests across the country

Kathua rape case draws widespread protests across the country.

New Delhi: In a horrific incident to shame the human community in the country, a group of men repeatedly gang-raped, drugged, beaten up and killed an eight-year-old girl belonging to a nomadic Muslim tribe in Kathua. Kathua lies 88 km south of the state’s winter capital of Jammu.

The brutal incident has been revealed in a charge sheet filed by the Jammu and Kashmir police’s crime branch.

The accused include a local priest and police officers.

Media reports said some lawyers of the Jammu and Kashmir Bar Association were obstructing the course of the investigation and demanding the case be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation. Local leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party have supported this demand.

The incident has drawn widespread protest across the country. Torchlight processions, candlelight marches were held in various parts of the country to protest the Kathua incident.

A candlelight procession was taken out in the national capital by Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

In social media also the netizens have voiced their protest over the incident.