Kejriwal’s minister demands report card from Delhi MPs

New Delhi, Feb 16 (IANS) Delhi Labour Minister Goapl Rai on Thursday said like the AAP government ministers, all Delhi MPs also have a responsibility towards the people, so they should also present their report cards on the work done for the public.

Rai said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won all the seven parliamentary seats in Delhi, so they have a responsibility and accountability towards the public of the city.

“Instead of protesting, all the seven MPs of Delhi, especially BJP’s city unit chief Manoj Tiwari, should submit their report cards to the public,” Rai told reporters.

“As an MLA, I belong to a state government, but they are MPs and they have the central government, so they have a bigger role to play towards public welfare and development of Delhi,” Rai said.

He said the BJP only created hurdles in the Delhi government’s development works and protested when the government presented the report card of its public welfare works.

Rai said that municipal councillors of the Congress and the BJP were hindering the construction of a Mohalla Clinic in Noor-e-Ilahi area of north-east Delhi, which falls within his Babarpur assembly constituency.

He said, “I got several public welfare works, worth Rs 100 crore, done in my constituency. The BJP and the Congress want to stop all our development projects. What problem do they have from all the development works being done by the AAP government?”