Kejriwal’s remark is making him a headline in Pakistan: Says BJP

New Delhi, Oct 04: A day after Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal asked PM Narendra Modi to “unmask Pakistan’s false propaganda” about the surgical strikes, the BJP today hit out at him asking him if he was “doubting the capacity of our jawans.”

The BJP’s Ravi Shankar Prasad, held a press conference today saying, “Delhi CM needs to know he is a headline in Pak newspapers. Mr Kejriwal you need to know today you are the headline in Pakistan media; nothing sadder or more unfortunate. What proof is he asking for?”

In a video message yesterday, Kejriwal said, “For the last two or three days, we have seen that Pakistan has been taking foreign journalists to the border (with India). It has been trying to convince them that the surgical strikes did not take place.

“I appeal to the prime minister: Unmask Pakistan’s false propaganda like the way you (Modi) and the army taught Pakistan a lesson on the ground.”

Ravi Shankar Prasad responded today saying, “My appeal to Kejriwal is that please don’t say anything that brings down the morale of our armed forces.”

The BJP also hit out at senior Congress leader P Chidambaram saying, “I Want to ask him (P Chidambaram) is he also joining the bandwagon of doubting capacity of our jawans in conducting surgical Strikes? Is P Chidambaram seeking proof of surgical strike, the official line of the Congress party? Prasad asked.