Kenyan couple name son after Trump

Nairobi, Nov 14 (IANS) A Kenyan couple have decided to name their son after US President-elect Donald Trump, whom they praised for his principles and openness, the media reported on Monday.

The three-month-old Donald Trump Otieno was born in Kisumu, western Kenya, where President Barack Obama’s father came from, and where he is still idolised and considered a compatriot, EFE news reported.

As a result, parents have received a flood of criticism in their neighbourhood and social networks, something they have ignored as they considered the senders supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The third son of Felix Otieno and Lorna Akoth was born on August 9.

“At the time, I was not sure whether Trump would pull a surprise victory but I had the conviction the businessman had what it took to be a leader,” said the boy’s father.

Despite criticism, Trump’s Kenyan parents justified the decision to baptise their offspring with the name of the tycoon for his remarkable principles and his ability to say what he thinks.