Kerala assembly goes vociferous, likely to consider artificial rain

Kerala assembly goes vociferous, likely to consider artificial rain.

Thiruvananthapuram, March 7: To fight the drought in Kerala, the possibilities of artificial rain would be explored, said the Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan in the assembly. The experts are on a plan to create artificial rain through cloud seeding. The government has taken precautions to face the extremely hot climate in the state. Moreover, the government is not the reason for the drought, he informed the assembly.

The chief minister was replying to MLA Shafi Parambil’s urge to stop the assembly proceedings and to discuss drought. The revenue minister E Chandrasekharan has informed the assembly that measures to tackle drought was started from last October.

The number of meetings or the number of members could never contribute anything to people who suffer in the extremely hot climate and water scarcity.

How does rain happen in nature?

As wind passes over the sea, it collects evaporating water as very tiny drops. When the wind rises high in the air, temperatures become very cold. This result in some of these drops to merge. Such bigger drops attract more drops of water, and so on and on. This process continues and this process is called nucleation.

When the water drops become about 0.1 mm thick and get increased in weight, they cannot float in the air anymore. They then fall to the ground as rain, the water drops.

How does artificial rain occur?

Sometimes the nucleation process will not take place as it does not get cold enough in the cloud. But if we want the cloud to rain, we have to create a certain favourable situation for nucleation to occur. This is done by a process called cloud seeding.

For cloud seeding, tiny particles of silver iodide are sprayed on a cloud from an aeroplane. Sometimes, solid carbon dioxide (called dry ice) is used, as it is a cheaper substitute. The particles attract water drops from the cloud. When they form a drop that is large enough, it starts raining.